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Little Girl with Christmas Present

We are continuously accepting luggage and duffel bags, or donations to purchase these items, to prevent our kids from using their standard black trash bag when they move to a different placement, have overnight or weekend stay with parents, trips with foster parents or camps.

Young Women with Backpacks


Since 2019, we have provided Christmas presents and Easter baskets for younger children in foster care.  Because of your generous donations, these kids could experience these holidays like every child should be able to. We have delivered thousands of gifts to our local children with the help of our community. 

In 2022, we received a generous donation to provide emergency hygiene and clothing kits to children for when they are removed from their parents in an emergency situation. But this donation won't last forever, so we will always need donations to continue to provide these kits to children in need. 

Boys During a Sports Practice

 Since 2019, we have provided local foster youth with enrichment activities, such as sports camp, day camps, up to a 7-day overnight summer camp, and day trips, to provide normalcy that has too-often been missing in their lives. Each camp, depending on length, can cost up to $375. Last year alone, 100 kids attended summer camps thanks to our generous community! 

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