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School Bus & Children

CVFK is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit California organization. ALL donations go DIRECTLY to the foster kids and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!

In 2019, we sent 35 kids ages 8 to 14 to YMCA summer camps and we hope to send more each year! Science camps, Math camps, Wyoming ranch trips...with your help the sky is the limit!!

In 2019, we provided 80 children with Amazon fire tablets to assist them in school, reading and entertainment. We would like to have the funds to be able to assist children with tutors and college prep classes.

Many of the kids entering the system have never been to a movie, the theater, a concert or play. By expanding their horizons, they will strive for more. We need your help changing the stats of homelessness, lack of education and teenage pregnancy for our youth.

Children Playing Football
School Children
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