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In 2019 the juvenile dependency attorneys in Indio formed Coachella valley foster kids. We represent on average 1200 to 1500 youths in the foster system. These kids have either been permanently removed from their parents, or are in the process of reunifying with their parents and temporarily placed in foster homes. Ages range from newborn to 21 years old. Studies show that only 4% of the foster youth in California continue on to higher education. We want to change that. By following the examples of programs established in larger cities like San Diego we hope to change the trajectory of these kids lives. 


One of these ways we can change their path is by sending the kids to summer camps at high-level universities, such as UCLA, Chapman and USC. These programs allow the kids to live on campus and experience life as a college student. They meet and interact with current college students and learn what their life could be in a few short years. Most, if not all of our kids, have never left the Coachella Valley. Most, if not all of their parents, have never been to college. California has wonderful opportunities for foster youth via college grants but the kids need to know what they are missing when they refuse to apply for these grants. The summer camps open the door to the possibilities, and in the process will change their lives.

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